Baseus Bluetooth Selfie Stick 3-axis Stabilizer for Smartphone SUYT-0G

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1. Easy to operate, not able to take photos
2. Smart control of mobile app to expand multiple functions
3. 12-hour endurance, smooth shooting and worry free
4. Intelligent app controls delay photography, and uses mobile phone to grasp the flowing time and light
5. One click cool transition, instantly activate the potential of motor
6. The Hitchcock zoom can be realized by using the lens zoom combined with the reverse direction movement of the human, thus producing a strong visual impact
7. High performance composite engineering materials, reduce the fuselage and make it easy to carry
8. Lack of automatic detection and balance benchmark, support horizontal and vertical multi angle shooting, more comfortable shooting
9. Three axis stabilization, no shaking, intelligent image recognition, chasing target displacement state, and taking clear motion picture

1. Material: ABS + PC
2. Cell phone width: 9.2cm (Max.)
3. Product weight: About 500g
4. Support weight: 250g (Max.)
5. Color: Black
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